Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Injury Update: Matt Wieters

Matt Wieters is getting healthy. So much so that in his rehab he's now throwing from 150ft. Wieters himself has said that an opening day return is certainly within reason. Steamer projections has Wieters hitting .246 with 16 HR's in 2015. We're projecting slightly above that. Somewhere around .250 with 20 HR's making him a solid value pick in this years fantasy drafts. If your a guy who prefers to wait on drafting a catcher until the later rounds, Wieters could be your guy. For all of his injury history be sure to check out of new 2015 injury spreadsheet HERE
***Update***(2-18) Wieters will not be limited this spring as he returns from TJ surgery. Look for him to possibly DH in the early going. 
***Update***(3-1)To begin throwing drills on 3-2
***Update***(3-7)To catch minor league games 3-14/3-15

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