Thursday, February 19, 2015

Injury Update: Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez is feeling so encouraged by his rehab he proclaimed he is ready to pitch in games. This of course will not be the case although his optimism exciting. He is however slated to begin throwing off a mound for the first time since his injury. As we know Fernandez fell victim to the dreaded UCL injury resulting in successful Tommy John surgery. Still only 22 years old Fernandez is in the prime of his career and assuming he suffers no setbacks should bounce back. What should we expect from Fernandez in terms of fantasy value? The Marlins have no reason to rush their prized pitcher back so a June return seems a bit optimistic. Moreover, July seems more plausible and more specifically late July. With the all-star break in mid-July it seems like a natural spot to mix Fernandez in upon its conclusion. Expectations should be tempered with Fernandez in 2015 as many pitchers struggle upon returning from such an injury.  In fact, some pitchers have returned to only re-tear the ligament. "If they can rip out the ligament God gave them, they can rip out the ligament we give them." This was proclaimed by one of the doctors leading the charge in the Tommy John explosion amongst baseball players. Best case scenario is you get a half season out of Fernandez. How good he will be is anyone's guess. See his updated injury sheet HERE
***Update***(2-20)Fernandez to throw off a mound Mar. 1
***Update***(3-1)Throwing off a mound
***Update***(3-1)Throwing bullpens

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