Thursday, February 12, 2015

PRP Injections: A Closer Look

 Jonathan Lucroy recently suffered a hamstring strain and received a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection in an effort to speed up the healing process. Seen as one of the most challenging injuries for athletes a hamstring strain can often lead to extended time on the DL. It also leaves the player at an increased risk of re-injuring the hamstring if treatment and/or recovery is inadequate. Rest is usually the best course of action as hamstring strains within the muscle belly are usually non-operative. The slow and often unpredictable nature of hamstring injuries has brought to light a fairly new treatment, PRP injections. Let's take a closer look:
 PRP injections are one in which the physician draws a small amount of blood from the patient, spins it in a centrifuge to remove red blood cells, and re-injects the plasma concentrated with platelets. The platelets theoretically improve the body's healing response by delivering cytokines and growth factors into the injury site.  Unfortunately, PRP injections have had mixed results for various other injuries most notably elbow injuries in pitchers. Many pitchers have markedly improved post injection however a good majority have gone on to have surgery. This of coarse is not the case with Lucroy who only suffered a hamstring strain which offers optimism as we near spring training. Lucroy has been one of the most productive catchers in recent years and is being queued up around 62nd overall in drafts this year. 
***Update*** Now pain free
For Jonathan Lucroy's updated injury sheet listing his timetable and injury history click HERE 

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