Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Fake Baseball presents: Post-Draft Waiver Wire Adds

Post-Draft Waiver Wire Adds

posted by Justin Edwards

So your fantasy baseball draft(s) are in the rearview mirror and you’re finally coping with the excitement that is the baseball season. You’re getting over the euphoria of drafting all the perfect players at all the perfect times, and you’ve decided to open up the website or app to bask in the glory of your inevitable championship… Wait, did you really draft Cliff Lee, Yu Darvish and Adam Dunn? Or maybe your draft lasted past your bedtime or you had to head to work, or that freaking baby would just not stop crying and just HAD to fill her diaper up in the 23rd round. Well no worries fake sport brethren, help is on the way in the form of your league’s waiver wire. Here is a little bit of undrafted fodder to help replace those guys you really don’t want soaking up all those precious bench spots:

Anthony Gose (Y!:5% ESPN: 1%)
As Spring Training winds down, it looks as if Gose has locked up the leadoff spot for the Detroit Tigers. This monster of an offense ranked 2ndin the MLB in RS/G in 2014 and shouldn’t fall behind much with a healthy Kinsley, Cabrera and Victor Martinez batting in the 2, 3, and 4 spots. Apart from the obvious runs boost he will receive, he’s also a speedy CF who stole 15 bases after only 274 major league ABs last year. Anthony Gose has the defensive tools necessary to keep him in the lineup, as he accumulated a 9.2 UZR with the Blue Jays last year, compared to Rajai Davis’ -8.0 in the same category. Even with his swing-and-miss regularity, he managed to compile a 1.3 WAR; expect Detroit to keep him atop their big hitting lineup as long as he stays north of the Mendoza line.

Adam Lind (Y!: 37% ESPN: 9%)
From one former Blue Jay to the next, we have an all-fields hitter with entirely different makeup than the speedy Gose. For use in daily lineups only, Lind can be a big boost to your BA or OBP as long as you are mindful enough to plug him in when you see the Brewers are facing a RH starting pitcher. Adam continued his 2 year spree of all-star right handed dominance last year, compiling a .942 OPS, a miniscule 13.2 K% and a very unlucky 8.3% HR/FB rate. He may not flirt with a .400 OBP again, but I’d be willing to bet he more than doubles his 6 homeruns. Keep an eye on matchups and plug Lind into your CI/UTIL spot when you get the chance.

Khris Davis (Y!: 60% ESPN: 47%)
Khristopher has power. The type of power that is absolute fantasy gold if you can still grab him off the waiver wire. His average fly ball rate was sniffing top-50 last year, and his ISO ranked him in the top-15. Yeah, seriously, top-15. Ahead of Miggy, Josh Donaldson, Cespedes; ya know, everyone else who wasn’t in the top-15. Forget keeping him on your bench, because he could easily serve as a OF2 or OF3 and continually notch numbers for your HR category.

Arismendy Alcantara (Y!: 21% ESPN: 58%)
With Javier Baez being relegated to minor league work, the door is wide open for Arismendy to be the everyday second baseman in Chicago for the foreseeable future. The only thing that will keep him from playing either in the infield or the outfield everyday is the same downfall that his counterpart and many of the young guns in the league have: strikeouts. Big league pitching forced him into an unsustainable 31.0 K%, .205 BA and a .254 OBP through 300 PA last season. While he may not have much of a shot to bring his strikeouts down to the league average, his batting ratios have nowhere to go but up. Alcantara finished with a .266 BABIP, well below the league average for a regular batter, let alone a man with plus speed. It may not force you to charge to your waiver wire or trade away the farm to grab him, and I can see his slash resembling something closer to .240/.300/.420 this coming season. This is a possible 20/20 guy that you can keep snuggly on your bench to replace guys with off days or even have a double threat guy if you missed the 2B train during your draft.

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