Thursday, September 3, 2015

*WANTED* Fantasy Football Writer

First off, let me thank you for your continued support of The Infirmary Report in our quest to be the premier site for injuries as they relate to fantasy sports. We have enjoyed another successful MLB season and now look forward to similar success this upcoming NFL season. To that effect, we are in need of an injury/waiver-wire writer this NFL season. The article would be a weekly piece constructed similar to our baseball pieces. This position could eventually lead to a more substantial position on one of our sites with possible compensation. Case in point, our MLB injury writer is now the lead for our DFS write-ups with compensation attached.

Don't be shy! Everyone has to start somewhere so if you have ever considered your hand at writing we would love to discuss details further. The Informary Report and its affiliates are some of the fastest growing sites on the web. If you are interested please leave a comment at the bottom of the post and we will respond back in short order. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. This is something I would be interested in. If the writer position is still open, please let me know the best way to contact you about details. Thanks, Jon

    1. Hi Jon. Thank you for your interest. The position is still open, do you have an email so we can discuss further? Thanks-Jeff

    2. Jeff, email is